Depression is characterized by a fundamental lack of energy resulting in low motivation, a lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, and the inability to get started on things.

Thoughts and evaluations take on a decidedly negative perspective. Feelings range from uneasy to despairing.

We may find ourselves depressed for a variety of reasons: stress, life-style, isolation, inactivity, injury, or negative thinking.

My approach to depression management is holistic. The remedy to the energy depletion of depression is to recover vitality. When we eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly we develop the energy we need to live fully and effectively.

Depression may result from or instigate negative thinking. Negative thinking about self, about other people or the world we live in, or about the future can generate negative feelings and drive avoidance behaviours that only make the depression worse.

Cognitive therapy is about developing and practicing strategies aimed at more productive and adaptive responses to circumstances. In conjunction with behavioural strategies supporting emotional regulation, you will find yourself well-equipped to tackle the challenges life presents with confidence.


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